Combs Customs Customer Reviews

I first heard about Combs Custom Cycle through a friend, who knew Rick and said he could be trusted to service my hand-made 2001 softail. I was very nervous, but the man who built my bike was in California, and I had no option but to give them a try. I am VERY happy I did! I only live in Lawrence in the off season, thus my bike sits for about 9 months in storage, and every spring Rick gets it ready to ride for me. They have been there for every year with great service, repair when necessary, as well as being very friendly in the process.

Because of this, I have trusted Combs with my new project, a 2003 Harley Davidson 100 year Anniversary Ultra Classic which I have had in storage since I purchased it. I am having Rick stretch the bike, gas tank, and put a few other “touches” to make it my own. I’m very excited, and sure that the finished product will be everything I hope it will be. I would highly recommend anyone with a motorcycle to head to Combs Custom Cycle!
Scot Pollard
C-F Boston Celtics, 2008 NBA Champions
Former KU Jayhawk Center

I was more than pleased with how this turned out. Went in originally to have Rick fix some fiberglass and repaint some pieces that were damaged when the bike fell over and this is the result. Rick, Lori, Steven and Greg went above and beyond what I expected in the beginning. Their customer service was top notch, the shop very clean and organized (best I have ever seen) and obviously, their work incredible. I would recommend Combs Custom Cycles to anyone – if you are looking at service work, motor work, paint or full blown custom. Can’t wait for Spring!!!
Tim L Smith
Waverly, KS
To let you know that each time I walk by my bike I feel the need to thank you again! I have had so many great comments by the few that seen it I can’t wait till I can get it on the road. If you choose to share this with anyone I would want them to know how great my experience with Combs Custom Cycle has been. Along with the great home town personality of Rick and Lori their professionalism and business behavior is second to none. I went to them with and idea and leaving the details to them what transpired is exactly what I wanted.
Dick Grebe
Tarkio, MO
Thank you “Combs Custom Cycles” for your Awesome Work on my Harley Fat Boy. With this New Paint Work, New LED Blinkers (Front and Back) and New Smoked Taillight it looks like a completley different bike and looks better than I could of ever have Imagined! It was a very Great Experience with Very High Quality Workmanship and Paint Work! I have already had numerous Compliments from Friends and Family and they have only seen pictures. I can’t wait for nicer weather so I can show them in person, because when the sunlight hits the Skulls and Flames they really “Pop” and look “Awesome”.  A big thanks from me goes out to Combs Custom Cycles to Lori, Rick and Greg. Thank you so much!
Kevin Chaney
Lawrence, KS
Hey if you are looking for some quick power on your 96 incher just got my bike back from Rick @ Combs Custom Cycle. They installed a 107″ kit and the extra power is amazing and the cost was great. They got the bike in and out quick. The best part its all top end and cams no case splitting. Check out Combs not only did they complete my stretched bagger but they do great motor work also. Thanks Rick n Lori.
Love my bike Rick, Lori, and Greg are the best thank you very much appreciate your hard work excellent service.
Frank Duran,
Junction City, KS
There are not enough words in the dictionary to explain Rick and Lori Combs and their company. I first met Rick and Lori back when I would show my Hayabusa that I made as a show bike at many of the bike shows. From looking at all their work I knew that Combs was a company that put customers first and treated their bikes like their own. I had Rick totally change my 2005 Big Bear Chopper and make it my own and his helpfulness and experience made it so easy. I knew what base color I wanted and sort of what design I wanted. Rick was able to expand on this and give me multiple ideas to make the bike even more special, never pushing me to do something i didn’t want. Rick is a top performer and is probably the best bike guy in the state of Kansas and probably the Mid West. Rick was professional, helpful and never once did he push spending more money like a lot of the other shops I’ve been to. Lori made sure that i was aware of the process and where they were at in the process, both Rick and Lori are the friendliest and most professional people I have ever met. Being in the military I have been to many custom cycle shops around the United States (Orange County Choppers, West Coast Chopper and Big Bear) and none of these shops have the same feeling as Rick and Lori show their customers. I want to get a couple Combs shirts and wear them when I go on trips across the United States and tell everyone about Combs and what type of shop they run. I will recommend anyone and everyone to visit their shop and if they want to see great quality work they can look at my bike, Rick and Lori, thanks for the professionalism, helpfulness, friendship and being great people. You both have a wonderful company and look forward to working with you in the future.
Nathan Neidhardt
I would have never made to the East Coast and back, and thru the Tail of the Dragon without everything Combs has done for my bike. They are soo much better than any Harley dealer, and their paint job even makes my old bike look faster!
Ken Pierce II
Lawrence, KS

Rick & Lori,
I want to thank you for the fantastic customization of my 2005 Road King. The paint job gets compliments everywhere I go. The customer service I received from the minute I first walked in your doors, made me feel like I was in the right place. That customer service did not change from that moment, to the day I picked up my completed bike. Your team always had time for me. I came in with a “foggy” idea of what I wanted the bike to look like and you spent alot of time on each and every detail. I also want to thank Greg for his unbelieveable talent and vision. His artistic ability really made my bike come to life. For every compliment I receive, I tell them about my great experience with your team. I am sure my friends will be visiting your shop!
Wayne Major
St. Joseph, MO

Hey Rick,
I just wanted to post that you guys are the best. I want to thank you guys on the awesome job you did on my ’08 Road Glide. I really appreciate the eye for detail and suggestions on different ideas that made my bike stand out. Already have had people say that the pics don’t do it the justice it deserves. So if anyone out there wants great custom work and customer service Combs Custom Cycle is the only way to go.Thanks again, Rick n Lori, and as always remember “Rubber side down”.
Jeff Siegler
Kansas City, MO

When it comes to passion or something that fills a void in one’s life, the last thing one will accept hearing is the word “NO.” I never heard the words, “no, we can’t do that” during my experience with Combs Customs. Because of this, each time we consulted, more ideas were inspired, both for this project and future work.

After months now, I’m just as excited about my bike as I was on the maiden voyage leaving the shop. In retrospect, I greatly appreciate the fact Rick took time every time I stopped in to acquire input and give me feedback. No matter how much I needed Rick’s expertise for the wiring and fabrication, it always felt like it was MY idea.

From work order to invoice, Rick and Lori were always polite, professional, and pleasant to work with. Rick knew when to listen, when to offer input, and how to communicate what was necessary to get my job done right.
Eric Johnson, DDS
Topeka, KS

The only thing that I can say is if you want quality custom paint for your bike then Rick & Lori Combs at Combs Custom Cycle is where you need to be. I took my 09 Street Glide to them to paint my fairing. We worked on the art work & what they did is beyond phenomenal! I did this as a tribute piece for our late son-in-law Sgt. Jeff Wyers, Galveston,TX PD. I told them I wanted a grieving angel with the Blue Knights badge.

My husband & I just got back from Billings, MT where the remarks made were nothing short of incredible. I had a few people tear up when they saw this.

This was how we wanted to memorialize our son-in-law and y’all made it a reality.

This was the easiest thing that I have ever done, they were quick & kept me informed every step of the way. I cannot say enough good things about your work & your shop! Y’all are the best!!
Leslie Ober
Spring Hill, KS

2008 Ultra Classic
When I decided to ride my 2008 Ultra Glide Classic across the country to raise money for families of fallen police officers, I knew it would need a special look. I searched the Internet for ideas and a shop that I could trust to do a great job. I was very surprised when the paint jobs that impressed me the most were being done in my hometown of Lawrence, KS. The artwork at Combs Custom Cycles was clearly some of the best work in the country. I had flags painted at half staff on both tanks and on the lid of the trunk. However, the mural they airbrushed on the front of my Harley touches the families of a fallen hero the most. It is a picture of St. Michel taking a fallen officer to heaven. What is really impressive about this image is that the picture I had did not have a full set of wings on the angel and they had to totally recreate them. The detail is incredible, every feather was painted individually. It is very common for a spouse or child to reach out and touch the face of the officer and express how much this means to them. Thank you Rick & Lori Combs and Greg Mauer for helping me create just the right look for my Ride4Cops mission.
Harry Herington
Lawrence, KS

Engine Upgrade
If you have ridden much at all, you can appreciate my frustration when I got stuck behind a sand truck traveling 70 mph on a two lane road with a 25 mph head wind. No matter how hard I pushed my 2008 Ultra Glide Classic, I could not get around this sand blaster on wheels. Irritated, I immediately went to Combs when I returned to town and asked Rick if there was anything I could do to prevent this issue on future rides. He smiled and told me he had the perfect solution. He took my 96 cc HD engine to 106 cc. The difference in power was unbelievable. My only concern now is keeping my Harley anywhere close to the posted speed limit. In fact, I was so impressed with the difference in power, I immediately took Rick my 2009 Softail to receive the same upgrade.
Harry Herington
Lawrence, KS

Rick & Lori,
Just want you and everyone else to know how pleased I am with the work you did on my ’03 Ultra. After stumbling across your website I spent quite awhile researching options before deciding where to take my bike for the paint work I was wanting to do. After seeing your work and getting an online quote from you, I felt you were the ones I wanted to work with. And now that it’s all done, I can say that I definitly made the right choice! From the pleasant greeting at the door that first day, to the impressive shop you work in, to the art workups, to the email updates, and pictures sent to me during the process and finally the finished was ALL GOOD. I’ll definitly be back! Everyone who has seen my bike so far is quite impressed with it and they all want to know where I got it done…..I just say…”Combs Custom Cycle…where else?!”
Randy Quirk
Gower, MO

I am happy with the bike. I just got back from a 9 day 3500 mile trip on Route 66 out to Nevada for the River Walk Rally and back. The bike ran without a single hitch and I got so many compliments on the paint job I couldn’t even count them. Once again thanks so much for all the work.
Barclay Mead
Topeka, KS

My husband has always wanted to have a Dresser customized, so when he bought his 2009 Ultra Classic with intentions to customize it, I had no idea exactly what that meant and just went along with it. He pulled up in our business parking lot about 20 minutes ago……. WOW, I am still in shock!!!!! I had no idea it would look this awesome. I LOVE this bike. My husband looks so good on it and I can’t wait to jump on the back!!!! Hurry up spring time!!!!. Thank you so much Rick and Lori for such an exceptional job, we are really going to enjoy our new customized bike!!
Dee Carpenter
Lawrence, KS

Rick and Lori Combs built my dream bike. A Chopper that I had drawn on a Big Chief note pad back in the Third Grade. Highly influenced by my older brother, I drew picture after picture of a “Captain America” style bike. This year after riding back from Sturgis, I decided to make the dream a reality. Rick and Lori walked me through step by step, part by part, a three month build that ended with the bike of my dreams. I’m truly impressed with Rick’s attention to detail, and the paint job, well, the bike just looks awesome. Rick and Lori were great to work with, honest and dependable. Rick always asked for my opinion, gave his thoughts, thus giving the best outcome possible. My Combs Custom not only looks great but performs as well. I own a Sucker Punch Sally’s Old School Bobber, a 100th Anv. H.D. Fatboy, and now to complete my collection, a COMBS CUSTOM CYCLE… I think my Great Grandfather, who had a 1914 Harley-Davidson would be proud.
Rusty Russell
Overland Park, KS

Growing up in Lawrence and being a fanatic Jayhawk fan has given me a lot of pride over the years. Like many Jayhawk fans, I have rooms, walls and boxes full of Jayhawk memorabilia, but most of it wasn’t unique to what everyone else had. I wanted something different, something spectacular, something no one else could match. I wanted a nostalgic custom Harley, a “Roaring Jayhawk”. I knew what I wanted it to look like sorta, but I didn’t know how to get there. I did some research and learned of Combs Custom Cycles and their many custom designed award winning show bikes. As soon as I met with Rick, he convinced me that he could create my dream, and boy did he. My bike has been featured in a couple magazines and has taken a couple first place finishes. And that’s because it’s only been entered twice. If I had the time, it would be shown everywhere. People just stand around staring at it wherever it goes. To look at it, you would assume that I spent tens of thousands on it, but Rick makes it affordable. I’m working on my next concept, and you can bet that Rick Combs will be doing it. Rick and his wife Lori are just great people, doing extraordinary things in very ordinary ways!
Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Roar KU!!!
Gary Ledom
Prairie Village, KS

Took my baby in to freshen up the motor with cams, tuner, true duals and a big sucker. Rick called me Friday to say it was done. Weather was in the mid 30’s so with the help of a friend, I was able to get her picked up. Did a quick run around there shop before loading her up for the trip home. She sounded and ran AWESOME. Once home I noticed that I was low on gas, so after filling up I took the long way home :0). Man it felt good. I can’t say enough about the service I received for the both of them. I went in with what I thought I wanted but after talking with Lori and Rick, they saved me over $500.00 and again the bike runs AWESOME. Thank you much Lori and Rick. In the word of Arnold, I’ll be back.
Robert Hult
Lenexa KS

The bike really sounds good and runs even better. Thanks for getting it done so fast since I wasn’t expecting it until the middle of August. Thanks again for everything you are the BEST. I WILL ONLY BRING MY BIKE TO YOU FROM THIS DAY FORWARD. YOU BOTH WERE GREAT TO WORK WITH.
Hubert Thornburgh

2009 Softail Deluxe
After the tremendous work the team at Combs did on my 2008 Ultra Classic, they were my only choice when it came time to personalize my 2009 HD Softail Deluxe. I am taking this bike on cross country trips and decided I needed a fairing to help cut down on the wind. Lori immediately began researching fairings and actually rejected the first one that arrived without even showing it to me. Her explanation was simple, it was not of the quality she expected and she looked for a new manufacturer. After locating the proper fairing, it was time to personalize it. I had been walking around with a machine gun toting, cigar smoking “Rebel Hawk” concept in my head for a couple of years but had nothing on paper. I explained to the team at Combs what I wanted my “Rebel Hawk” to look like and they hit it perfectly on the first draft. In fact, they came up with a few suggestions that made it even more impressive. Needless to say, I get a lot of “Rock Chalk” shouts no matter where I ride this bike. Thank you Rick & Lori Combs and Greg Mauer for such an over the top job!
Rick & Lori,
Just wanted to let you know my bike runs great! I’m very happy that I stopped in your shop when I did. You both are very professional and, in addition, very nice. It makes me feel good when you both greet me by name. Keep up the good work.
Al Rogers
Lori & Rick,
I finally got a chance to get my bike out on the highway Saturday. What a beautiful day to ride. What made the day even better was the way my bike rode. Although I have over 33,000 miles on my bike I don’t believe it has performed better. I don’t have that “slip” when I change gears and the acceleration is what I expected and wanted. Thanks for doing a great job, and for getting me in so quick!

Dear Rick and Lori,I just wanted to let you know again how thrilled I am with the work you did on my 2002 Wide Glide. The Paint and workmanship on the tank and fenders is outstanding! I am proud to ride my bike again!

As a woman rider, it is so fun to pull up next to some dude that tells me I have a sweet ride. Thanks for that! 🙂

I also want you to know that I feel that you both went above and beyond my expectations when it comes to customer service. The second time I walked in your doors, you guys called me by name and that really left a lasting impression on me. I love the personal service that you guys provide. Keep up the great work, I will definitely be back – even if it is just to tell you both Hello!
Barbara Pettygrove
Topeka, KS

I brought my bike to Combs in 2004 after a spill. My dad’s a painter and a body man, one of the best in my home town, but he doesn’t do custom artwork. I had wanted a custom job before the wreck and with repairs underway it seemed like the right time. I knew what I was looking for, but was having a hard time expressing it. Rick took the time to develop several paint mixes and hues, directed me to various sources to help piece together a better idea of what I was looking for, and made sure we were on the same page for each step of the process. I’ve seen good paint jobs and have been shown what to look for in bad ones. Rick’s work was flawless. Combs knows their stuff and I’ll be doing business with them again.
Brian Kuntz
Rick, Lori, and myself, go back about 20 years. My FXR Custom was one of the first built by Combs. It won first place in the first show we placed it in. I still ride the heck out of it. The friendship and trust we have cannot be compared.
Dean Matthews
Lawrence, KS

Rick and Lori,Just wanted to drop you a note about how happy I am with the “Combs” experience! The artwork, painting, and above all the personal service was fantastic! Everyone who looks at my bike has to stand and observe the detail as it’s incredible! I am so happy my only complaint is that I should have had the work done sooner!

Thanks so much,
Rick Bone
Lawrence, KS

When it comes to servicing my 2005 HD Ultra there’s only one place it will go. Combs Custom Cycle knows what the word service means. I have tried Harley Davidson service a couple of times with real poor results and have had Rick correct the problems they left me. Rick really takes pride in the quality of his work. When I leave their shop, I know my bike is safe and ready to ride, AND ON TIME! It is refreshing to do business with such honest people.
Steve Cummings
Lawrence, KS
Combs Custom Cycle was able to supply all the accessories I was looking for, including customizing a bike seat. All of this was at a great price with a fast turn around.
Tim Carpenter
Lawrence, KS
When I was thinking about getting a custom paint job done on my 2006 Harley Sportster 1200C, I had this idea in my head about Fire Flames. I attended the Easy Rider show back in May 2006. My two boys wanted to collect business cards, posters etc. When going through what they had collected, I came across Combs Custom Cycles. I first was interested in Combs Custom Cycles due to their location, but once I visited their website I had a good feeling they would give me what I wanted in a custom paint job. When I rode up to Combs Custom Cycles, I met Lori and Rick, I knew right then that this was the place I would give my FIRST Harley it’s first custom paint job! They made you feel so assured this was the place to be and that I would be happy with my paint job…They DID NOT disappoint! I get tons of compliments and looks. So from a scale of 1-10..I would rate Combs Custom Cycles a 10+!. Thank you Rick and Lori for a job well done!
Kansas City Area
Rick and Lori Combs operate one of the very best custom bike shops I have seen in over 35 years of riding. Rick and I started talking over 2 years ago on a paint concept for my 03 Fatboy and his immediate credibility and knowledge impressed me so much I asked him to run with the very little guidance I provided. Since both of my daughters live in Lawrence and attend the University of Kansas, it was always easy to find an excuse to drop by and see Rick and Lori. No matter what they were in the middle of, they would graciously stop and spend any amount of time you needed with them. As a retired military officer and helicopter pilot, I wanted a very patriotic-themed paint job that show-cased my deep respect for this nation and her soldiers. I had seen bikes with the American Flag theme and asked Rick & Greg to come up with a version with his twist. They came back to me in a couple of weeks with an absolutely outstanding concept that featured everything I wanted and then some. The bike boasts a black base coat and proudly displays a waving American flag with a screaming eagle in flight on each side of the fuel tank. One of my favorite aspects of this work of art is the air brushed Master Army Aviator wings Greg placed on my rear fender. This bike is a true head turner everywhere I go. The finish on this bike is deep and rich. Rick & Greg did not miss a thing and even airbrushed in the thread seams and shading created by the waving flag. I always expect most passersby to ask where and who painted my bike if they are in ear shot. The next time I see Rick and Lori I’m asking them for business cards to hand out as this would make things much simpler so I can concentrate on riding. If you have a dream to fulfill, whether it be a custom or factory paint job, custom bike work, or anything related, share it with Rick and Lori and they will really take it to the next level. You will not be disappointed. Many thanks to this fabulous team of professional experts who work very hard to turn your ideas into reality!
Gary R. Jones
Deputy Director
Associate Professor
Center for Army Tactics
Ft. Leavenworth, KS 66027